JavaScript is fun and so is houstonjs.

Our Ongoing Story

In 2011, Kevin Lee and Jonathan Birkholz were giving a Phone Gap talk to various user groups in Houston. During one of the Q&As, Lester poiginantly asked why there wasn't a JavaScript user group in Houston.

Um... good question. So we started one.

Since then, the group has grown year by year. We have learned a lot from fantastic talks. The Houston JavaScript community has also grown and a network of talented developers has been built.

Our Groups


The standard fare of awesome JavaScript talks ranging from client-side frameworks to Node.js backends.


LearnerJS seeks to bridge the gap between writing JavaScript code and writing GOOD JavaScript code.

Ember Houston **COMING SOON**

There is a passionate group of Ember lovers in Houston. Soon they will have a place to geek out and discuss the latest Ember news.

Our Events


JavaScript + Robots? Yes please.

Space City JS

Space City JS is a conference in Houston focused on the rigor of JavaScript and the web platform.


Working with the Iron Yard, we help teach people how to code a website in a day.

Our Growing Team

Jonathan Birkholz

Owner, Birkholz Creative

Chris Oakman

Lead Developer, PROS

Matt Keas

Front End Instructor, The Iron Yard

Devlin Liles

Technical Director, Improving Enterprises

Amanda Shih

Developer, 2nd MD

Eric Burcham

Principal Consultant, Improving Enterprises